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Brake Charity: Road Safety Week 2023

Autoglass® is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Brake’s Road Safety Week, on 19th-25th November 2023. This annual campaign, organised by the road safety charity, Brake, serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about road safety and encourage responsible driving.

What is Road Safety Week?

Road Safety Week is an annual event that brings together thousands of communities, schools, and companies to advocate for road safety in their localities and workplaces. This year’s theme, “Let’s talk about SPEED,” shines a spotlight on the critical issue of speeding on UK roads. The statistics are stark: five people lose their lives on UK roads every day, six children are killed or seriously injured daily, and over 1500 people are killed, with more than 25,000 suffering serious injuries annually.

Brake’s message is clear: it’s time for everyone, regardless of how they travel, to have a conversation about speed.

Ed Colley, Head of Digital & Marketing at Autoglass®, says: “At Autoglass®, we fit safety as standard. That’s why we are proud to be sponsoring Brake’s Road Safety Week, and doing what we can to help get people talking about the dangers of speeding. Although we want to fix vehicle glass as quickly and effectively as possible, we also understand the importance of responsible driving and avoiding excessive speeds once back on the road.”

Getting Involved

Autoglass® encourages everyone to get involved in Brake’s Road Safety Week. Whether you’re part of our fleet, a commuter, a cyclist, or a pedestrian, there are ways to help and take part.  

For those looking for ideas and resources to engage in the conversation about road safety and raise awareness throughout the week, Brake offers valuable information on their website. Don’t forget to share your involvement on social media using the hashtag #RoadSafetyWeek to help spread the message far and wide!

Additionally, Brake provides fundraising ideas, including the #Brake5 Challenge, allowing everyone and anyone to contribute to this important cause. Find out how you can take part in Brake5 here:

Fundraise | Road Safety Week | Brake

Together, we can make a difference and work towards every journey being a safe one.

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