ADAS Recalibration

Staying safe on the road

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are found on most new cars. To many they have become an indispensable driving aide: assisting drivers, detecting hazards and reducing the risk and severity of vehicle collisions. If a windscreen is replaced, these delicate sensors need to be recalibrated so they can continue to detect their surroundings and hazards accurately.

A camera that is misaligned by as little as one degree in vertical pitch cannot detect the distance to objects ahead accurately. This has potentially catastrophic implications on Automatic Emergency Braking, for example.

With ADAS technology rapidly evolving, experience is of paramount importance for vehicle safety. Suppliers that are ‘fit for the future’ must continuously invest in knowledge, tools, equipment, and technician expertise.

The Future Of ADAS And Recalibration

Safer but more complex

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are well-established, yet this smart technology continues to improve and evolve;

  • Stereo, trifocal, 4D and Augmented Reality cameras are leading to more complex recalibrations.
  • Sensor fusion between camera, LiDAR, RADAR, HUD, and Matrix headlights necessitate different types of sensor recalibrations.
  • Vehicle encryption and new vehicle network technology such as DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) mean that the recalibration process is now also more complex, with further demands likely to emerge in the future.

Choosing the right service provider

Selecting the right partner to carry out your ADAS safety recalibrations is key to minimising risk for you and your drivers. Every vehicle glass serviceprovider you send your customers to must:
• Be able to 100% identify the need for a recalibration.
• Have the knowledge, skills, and capability to off er qualitatively correct recalibration.
• Have the correct specialist equipment and a controlled environment to meet recalibration criteria.
• Have accurate recording of recalibrations in place to mitigate you from any liability risk.

Specialist skills bring peace of mind

We’re the windscreen recalibration specialists, offering you the expert knowledge and tools to complete the work to the manufacturer’s required standard.  We’ve recalibrated more than one million vehicles around the world, equipping us with more ADAS expertise than any other aftermarket competitor.

 Our ADAS service includes:

  • A one-appointment solution for recalibration
  • Recalibration for all cameras and sensors, including radars and LiDAR
  • The latest ADAS recalibration data direct from the Belron Technical live database.
  • Pre-Calibration checks to identify any existing faults and provide you with an additional level of safety.
  • Global fault checks, and proactive management of fault codes with drivers

Work with the experts

Why Autoglass® should be your only choice for recalibration

We have a 100% success rate for identifying the need for recalibration.

At the point of booking an appointment drivers know upfront exactly what work needs to be carried out on their vehicle.

We can recalibrate 99% of all makes and models.

We manage the whole recalibration process for you, ensuring that no vehicle in your portfolio is returned to the road without a successful recalibration.

We ensure a top-quality recalibration every time and mitigate you from any safety risk.

• We use OEE glass from an OEM approved supplier: the glass specification is as per the original factory-fitted screen.

• Transport Research Laboratory, TRL, research results show that recalibrations carried out using our tools provide an identical outcome to those carried out with vehicle manufacturers’ equipment.

Our experience is unrivalled.

• In 2020 we carried out 1.14 million recalibrations.

• A technician at Autoglass®carries out over 300 recalibrations every year.

• BS10125 states that the people and processes of structural/safety repair must be accredited by a recognised body. We collaborated with the IMI to introduce an ADAS accreditation for technicians and assessors,with direct links with vehicle manufacturers.

• Training is based on continuous improvement, unlike NVQs, and technicians are reassessed every 2-3 years.

• All customer-facing employees complete three levels of ADAS training.

• We’re committed to helping our clients increase education and driver awareness through offering training days and workshops.

Our service to your drivers and high NPS supports your customer satisfaction scores.

We provide a world-class service to drivers demonstrated by our NPS score of 79 in 2020.

Eight out of the top ten insurers trust us to mitigate risk in ADAS by delivering a recalibration solution that goes beyond the expectations of insurer and policyholder.

We’re futureproofed and ready for the next generation of vehicles in your portfolio.

•Autoglass®has a dedicated Research and Development centre of innovators and thinkers who regularly commission research

• We’re only vehicle glass specialist to have a dedicated Research and Development Centre, enabling us to develop the technology to tackle the ADAS challenges of the future.

• We constantly review the diagnostics market and only partner with the very best technical companies

• We’re always looking ahead and have the capability to provide the same high level of service for next-generation vehicles