Belron Technical. Always one step ahead

Our dedicated R&D division, Belron Technical, is home to a select team of visionary thinkers. They focus on raising technical standards and breaking new ground in vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration. The team were instrumental in defining a best practice approach to repairing and replacing vehicle glass. Now, every job worldwide is carried out in the same way, helping ensure safety, drive technical quality ever higher and continuously improve the service we offer you.

Creating the best tools for the job

Belron Technical has developed a wealth of original tools to support our technicians. These include:

  • The Ezi-Wire®, which allows us to remove bonded glass without damaging the vehicle
  • The 1-Tek®, which enables a technician working alone to lift heavy pieces of glass
  • The Vanbrella®, our iconic mobile canopy, which protects our technicians from inclement weather as they work outdoors.

Making things simple with digital

Technology is rapidly evolving and changing our daily lives, so as a business it’s important we adapt to the needs of our clients. With that in mind, we’ve developed a range of digital solutions that allow us to be wherever our customers are, so you and your drivers can always book an appointment and interact with Autoglass® quickly and easily.

Using digital for an efficient customer journey

By using the power of digital technology carrying out business with us is a simpler and more efficient process, which keeps you and your customers informed at every stage of every job. Customers can manage their appointments through various digital touchpoints:

  • Online booking – showing real time information so time slots that suit best can be selected.
  • Customers can switch between IVR and online to book and pay for appointments.
  • Working with our insurance clients to create co-branded booking funnels enables customers to book appointments direct from the insurer website, the customer journey is seamless.
  • Webchat and text chat functionality from 8am – 8pm.
  • Access to the customer portal is provided via email allowing easy self- management of appointments.
  • Text and email reminders let customers know what’s happening with their appointment, and when technicians are on their way.
  • Real time tracking shows how far the technician is from the appointment location.
  • Online payments make the finances quick and easy.