About Us

Worldwide leader, world-class service

Autoglass® is the UK’s favourite vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration (VGRRR) specialist, with unrivalled expertise in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). With over 1,000 technicians, providing a nationwide service – either mobile or from one of our centres – we get your vehicles back on the road quickly and safely. All technicians at Autoglass® are working towards the IMI qualification ensuring a top-quality job every time.

As part of the Belron Group, we’re proud to be the worldwide leader in VGRRR with unrivalled brands such as Carglass®, Safelite® and Autoglass®. In 2020, Belron served 14.9 million motorists across 40 countries, generating high levels of customer satisfaction and a consistent NPS score of over 80%.

Our purpose

Autoglass® exists to make a difference with real care. By providing exceptional customer service at every touch point, being an ambassador for road safety, and a thought leader in the sector, we’ve become one of the UK’s most trusted service brands.

Increasing our sustainability

We recognise our business affects the environment, both locally and globally, so we’re working hard to understand, measure and manage that impact. Measuring our carbon footprint has helped us reduce the carbon emissions directly in our control, such as from our centres and fleet. However, we’ve gone further by looking beyond our immediate business to reduce the impact of our core services too.

Autoglass® now recycles 100% of the damaged waste glass in windscreens. Windscreens are typically made up of glass and PVB (polyvinyl butyral), and although the PVB layer can’t currently be recycled, the rest of the glass product is now fully recycled.  As a result, c90% of the windscreen is being turned into recycled objects, such as glass bottles every year. Autoglass® and our supply chain are currently working hard to find a solution to recycling the PVB element as well.

UN Global Compact Initiative: We’re signed up to the UN Global Compact Initiative, which sets out ten principles on how businesses can tread lightly in this world. Being a signatory guides our commitment to corporate and social responsibilities. It helps us align our operations and strategies with principles covering human rights, labour, environmental factors and anti-corruption.

Rated by Ecovadis: We also hold a silver Ecovadis supplier sustainability rating, which covers our environmental policies, labour practices, fair business processes and sustainable procurement. We’re currently working towards a Gold rating, putting us in the top 10% of the 20,000 companies assessed by Ecovadis. The average score for vehicle repair is 39.7 – our score is 61.

Repair First Philosophy

If we can do so safely, we always repair a windscreen rather than replace. This strategy not only reduces our environmental impact, but also saves you money and time, by reducing vehicle downtime. We’ve calculated that repairing a windscreen rather than replacing it, saves 44kg CO2 per job.

Giving back

There’s a strong tradition of community activity across all of Belron®. It’s driven by the passion and energy of our people and enacted through local strategies. Worldwide, Belron people have raised over €11.4 million by taking part in the annual Spirit of Belron® Challenge. This supports our International charity partner, Afrika Tikkun, which works to end child poverty and youth unemployment in South Africa.

In the UK, the business contributes over £70,000 each year to the charities and organisations close to our people’s hearts, including the children’s charity ‘Together for Short Lives’.

Award winning service

Outsourced Partner of the Year 2019
Awarded Outsourced Partner of the Year at the British Insurance Awards
UK Superbrand 2020
In 2020 we were again included in the Superbrands rankings, as a Consumer and Business Superbrand

Honing our skills with Best of Belron

Every two years, technicians from across Belron compete to be crowned the ‘Best of Belron’ by demonstrating their skills in front of thousands of colleagues, suppliers and partners. We want to inspire and motivate every one of our technicians to achieve the same levels of excellence as the winner.

Since its creation in 2000, this global competition has helped Belron instil a consistent approach to fitting and repairing glass, known as ‘the Belron Way of Fitting’. This means Belron’s millions of customers can all expect the same exceptional service worldwide, supported by processes, tools and materials that have been refined over 100 years.