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Autoglass® Joins Arval UK Sustainability & Wellbeing Day in a Celebration of Responsible Business Practices

Autoglass® was delighted to be invited to the recent Arval UK Sustainability & Wellbeing Day.

As steadfast partners, Autoglass® was honored to take part and showcase our unwavering commitment to responsible business practices. This event provided us with a platform to engage in meaningful conversations with employees and guests alike, shedding light on our core principles and initiatives dedicated to sustainability.

Throughout the day, we had the privilege of delving into our Repair First Philosophy, a guiding principle that underscores our commitment to prioritising repairs over replacements whenever possible, reducing environmental impact while ensuring safety on the road. We also proudly discussed how we recycle100% of all glass waste across our business.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who joined us in these enlightening conversations about sustainability and wellbeing. It was apparent that both Arval BNP Paribas and Autoglass® are on a collective mission to drive positive change, not just within our organisation but in the broader context of our industry and the world at large.

We are excited to continue this journey hand in hand with all those who share our vision for a more sustainable and well-balanced future.

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