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Autoglass® appointed as supplier of choice for WS Transportation

Autoglass®, the UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company, has been appointed as the supplier of choice for WS Transportation.  

The contract, which went live on September 1st, positions Autoglass® as the first point of call for all Vehicle Glass Repair and Replacement (VGRR) services across the entire WS Transportation fleet.  

WS Transportation specialises in logistics for the construction industry and high & heavy haulage. It has a fleet comprising 240 vehicles and lorries which operates across the UK.  

Autoglass® was chosen as the preferred supplier due to the significant reduction in vehicle downtime demonstrated through its impressive total cost of ownership model, as well as the guaranteed access to a large network of highly skilled and trained technicians. The unique support hub dedicated to the day-to-day requirements of the account was also an important factor in cementing the decision to select Autoglass®.  

Jeremy RochfortNational Sales Manager, Autoglass® says: 

“Securing another account win this year is testament to our industry-leading innovative technology and the skill and expertise of our technicians. Autoglass® continues to be recognised for the market leading service provided by our team. We are looking forward to working with WS Transportation to deliver impressive reductions in vehicle downtime and multiple other operational benefits such as our exceptional support hub.” 

Andrew Langdon, Fleet ManagerWS Transportation:  

“As our fleet is constantly on the move up and down the UK, it is imperative that the amount of time our vehicles are off the road is kept to a minimum. Therefore, the nationwide network of technicians offered by Autoglass® was a key driver in our decision, as it ensures vehicle downtime is reduced and our vehicles are back on the road as quickly as possible. The dedicated support hub offered by Autoglass® was another fundamental factor in our decision-making process. The extent of support and assistance on offer is best in class and gives us great confidence in the level of service we will receive.” 

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