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Andy MacGregor becomes the first in the UK to achieve IMI ADAS calibration accreditation. Autoglass® develops new industry leading ADAS accreditation and invests in continuous skills development for technicians.

Andy MacGregor, from Autoglass®, has become the first UK technician to achieve the new industry leading IMI ADAS calibration accreditation, which was developed alongside key industry organisations including Autoglass® and Thatcham, among others.  

The accreditation, designed to raise standards in ADAS calibration and ensure accurate recalibration is undertaken following a windscreen replacement was launched in November 2018 following extensive consultation and discussion. Andy was the first in the UK to achieve the accreditation in December, with an additional 26 technicians completing the ADAS training during November. 

All technicians that work for Autoglass® will complete the IMI ADAS calibration accreditation before the end of 2019, as Autoglass® continues its mission to drive professionalism and standard setting in the industry and raise awareness of the importance of ADAS calibration.  

Currently, 10% of the UK’s car parc feature some form of windscreen mounted technology and nearly 40% of UK vehicles are set to feature ADAS by 2020.1 This accreditation has been designed to ensure technicians in the UK have the necessary skills to match this rapid uptake of the technology and maintain safety standards on the roads.  

To achieve the IMI accreditation Andy first completed an internal ADAS training course, incorporating the eight Belron® ADAS Safety Steps which technicians at Autoglass® are audited against on a weekly basis, before undertaking three days of practical skills and knowledge training assessed by IMI. This was followed by a month’s assessment period where the quality of his work was monitored, ensuring his competence and skill was verified over a significant timeframe. 

Tim Camm, Technical Training Manager, Autoglass® says: 

“Autoglass® is the industry leader in ADAS calibration. We were first to market with a calibration service and have continued to lead the industry, continually investing in technical expertise and capabilities to drive skills development.  

“Four short years ago, the number of vehicles requiring ADAS calibration was around 1%, but this has grown tenfold and shows no sign of abating. From a safety perspective, it is essential that as many UK technicians as possible have the skills to recalibrate ADAS technology to ensure it is used correctly on the roads. This accreditation ensures we have a benchmark that all technicians should adhere to so we can pull up standards across the industry.  

“There is a lot of misinformation about the aftermarket’s role in ADAS calibration. We are continually investing in technical expertise and capabilities, including the development of this accreditation. We firmly believe that an industry accreditation is the only way to ensure that technicians have the necessary expertise to undertake ADAS calibration and are incredibly proud to have worked with IMI to deliver continued excellence in calibration standards.” 

Autoglass® is audited by the IMI twice a year to certify that technicians are meeting the necessary standards in best practice within the auto glazing sector which now includes ADAS calibration. This ensures technical training remains in line with ever-evolving technology. This continuous assessment is imperative given the extensive growth of ADAS in the UK.  

Andy Macgregortechnical trainer with Autoglass®, says: 

“I’m incredibly proud to be the first in the UK to achieve the new IMI accreditation. Accurate ADAS calibration is imperative to ensure vehicle and motorist safety on the road. ADAS calibration is something that was long viewed as a ‘nice to have’ in the automotive industry, it is great to see that it is now recognised as a specialist skill.” 

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